Friday, May 24, 2013

All of my AG books

Here are all of my AG books. Sorry that I couldn't take any pics. I'm lining them up by which ones I got first.

1. Mini Mysteries 3

2. Meet Samantha

3. Samantha learns a lesson

4. Happy Birthday Samantha!

5. Samantha's Surprise

6. Felicity Learns a Lesson

7. Changes for Rebecca

8. Rebecca to the Rescue

9. Meet Rebecca

10. Candlelight for Rebecca

11. Rebecca and the Movies

12. Rebecca and Ana

13. Meet Kit

14. Kit Learns a Lesson

15. Kit's Surprise

16. Really Truly Ruthie

17. Meet Saige

18. Meet Molly

And those are all my AG books! I cannot believe I have 18! I really want Care and Keeping of You 2.
It's my 1st time counting my AG books.


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