Friday, May 24, 2013

My Create a Doll entry on Molly and Me!

Hello! I wanted to share to you my entry for a contest that I entered.

This is Sasha Bayer. She is GOTY 2015. Sasha is really rich and she has moved to Colorado all the way from England. When she joins the school, a lot of people want to be BFFs with her because she has a lot of money. She spends a lot of money just for her "friends". Then, one day, her BFF from England calls and asks her if she has a real true friend there. And Sasha learns she's been tricked. She pretends that she has become really poor to see who her friends were. She ended up losing all of them except for Maddie Sunshine. She goes back to being herself again and the friends who've turned away try to come back. But she doesn't let them be friends with her again. And that is the summary from Sasha's first book, Meet Sasha

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