Saturday, May 11, 2013

Caption the Doll picture #1

Hi Girls! I decided to do a Caption the Doll Picture.

Here is the picture:

If you can't see it very well, Shaila is holding a shirt and she doesn't know that the doll hairbrush is on her head! Next to her is Tiffany.
To Participate, Just type what you think the dolls are saying or thinking in the comments box. Then, follow the steps.
1. Email us your nickname or name.
2. Tell your friends or post in your blog about our new Caption the Doll Picture event.
3. Wait until May 17.
On May 17, my family and I will pick the top 5 and you get to vote on which one you like the best until May 19. The winner gets a badge to put on his or her blog.
Good Luck!
Hannah, Tiffany and Shaila

1 comment:

  1. Shaila: Hey, Molly, since u have that blindfold on, would u mind trying on this new t-shirt I bought? It's going to blow up when u try it on.

    Molly: Sure!

    Shaila thinks: he-he!


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