Saturday, May 25, 2013

Q&A with Flower Murray from Molly and Me!

Hey people! I just did a Q&A with Flower and here are the questions and her answers!

1. What do you hope your blog will accomplish in the next few years
    The main thing I would like to accomplish on my blog is fun dolly posts! Of course I need wonderful people to read those posts so readers play a big part in having a blog!

2. When you open your shop, will it be on Etsy?
Probably not! I think I will have pictures of what I'm selling on my blog and let people order through email! One hint is we will be opening soon! I have sewed lots of clothing and just need to take pictures! I can't wait!

3. If you could pick a retired American Girl Doll, which one would you pick?
I think Girl Of the Year 2001 is adorable! She is Lindsy! 
4. Does your family help out with your blog?
The only family member that helps play a role in my blog is my sister Eden also known as Bambi! (Bambi is a nickname made up from a joke that arose from the movie Bambi) My real name is Flower like the skunk from Bambi so it just clicked!
Of course my dolls are family and they sure do help out!!

5. Do you recommend Molly?
She is the only AG doll I own and she is VERY good quality! Her hair is very easy to take cair of and she is just an adollable doll!! I also love her time in history and her books are great!!

6. If you could do an AGSM on one, which one would you do?
 B. Fashion Show!!!! I am not into fasion for myself, but for my dolls golly! Molly is a fasion QUEEN! Of course she is only 7! :P Plus it is just SO fun to design and create clothing and then pairing outfits! It's like creating your own puzzle! The clothing has to fit together!
7. What advice would you give to new bloggers?
In most posts when someone is asked this question they will probably give the same advice! Don't give up! But I prefer to say...........
Just keep chuggin! You will make it! If you have to, Just say I CAN DO IT! out loud it helps alot! :P Also try to make good long imformative (BUT FUN) posts!! You don't have to post everyday but at least 2 times a week so your readers don't lose interest!
8. What advice would you give to bloggers who have been blogging for their whole life?
Well if they have been blogging there whole life I'm not the one who should be giving the advice!! Of course if they asked for help I would help them in every way possibe!! I would just congratulate them on doing what there doing! Of course they should change things up sometimes! Maybe change there background or write about something out of the box! But as long as there having fun with it that's all that matters!
Okay people!
That's it!

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