Saturday, June 1, 2013

AG wishes!

Here is my AG wishlist! Shaila and Molly have their own! This is just what I want from AG!

                                          Love this set! I want Saige so badly!

                                             Saige's Horse
                     I really like Picasso! I would name it Cookie Dough if I ever get it.
                                       Another one my my Saigey Favorites!
                                    I wish this would NEVER EVER retire!

                                               I have to get this!!!!!

                                   All these outfits are just so adorable!
                 I wish I had a girl-sized bed just like it. It's just darling!
                     The PERFECT addition to my doll clothing collection!!!

                                           This is just awesome!
The second thing I love to do in my life ( School is first, Dolls are third) is Baking! I just hope I will get               this before it retires!
                                      Shoes are what completes a doll!

Okay! That's my AG wishlist! Stay tuned for my La Dee Da wishlist, my Springfield Doll wishlist and my Penpal Girls wishlist!

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