Saturday, June 1, 2013

My new doll, Christina Holly La Dee Da

Hey! I just went to Goodwill. And I got a sweatshirt for my ag doll and I also got a new doll!

Her name is Christina Holly La Dee Da!
The picture is so bad quality! Sorry! I was using the webcam for this :(.

Christina is totally a La Dee Da doll! On the back of her head, it says 2010. When I got here, she was naked, but I just made her a sparkly black dress so she's okay! If you recognize her, then comment about it! You can also see part of the sweatshirt on the left. Shaila's modeling it!

I got the sweater for 1.99 and I got the doll for 1.20!

If you want, comment or email me about some thrifty finds!


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