Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dynamite Doll School

I introduced you to Dynamite Doll School a long time ago! And it's starting very soon! It starts on June 14 and ends on August 30th.  Each day we will have:

1. A Craft lesson

2. A Doll Site of The Day

3. Dolly SM

For Dolly SM, I will feature a stopmotion from youtube!

Special Events:

1. Talent Show Tuesday

2. Photo story Friday

3.End of the Month Look-Back

Talent Show Tuesday is when you submit a photo or more of your doll(s) doing their talent.
Photo story Friday is when you submit a photo story.
End of the Month Look-back is when it is the end of the month, I post all of my favorite posts's links.

I'm super excited! Are you?


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