Saturday, July 13, 2013

Collab Blog

Hey! It's like 9 here in WA, but it's around 12 there in East.
Anyway, I started a collab blog!
It's called 7 Girls and 7 Dolls!
More information:
We don't have a post 
I need 6 more people to join.
Please tell your blogger friends!!
You have to comment to be considered
In order to be considered you must have an american girl doll and this is what you have to say in your comment:
I want to join!!!

Please try out!
I'll give you the link soon.


  1. I want to join! I have Kit and Samantha!!!

  2. I want to join..but..I have a Springfield doll, Esther, not an AG doll..

    1. That's okay. :) I basically meant you had to have a 18 inch doll.


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2. Be Nice
3. Always have fun!