Sunday, July 14, 2013

Molly review

Hello! It's Hannah with a Molly review! Unfortunately, her meet outfit (except the shoes) is in storage. So, I cannot take pictures of it.
She has really nice hair that looks really great when you let her curls down. In order to keep her curls curly, you have to twirl it around and spray water (kind of like Saige). In the middle, her hair is cut. :(
Now, for her eyes. Her eyes are gray.
Anyway, her meet outfit includes: A Sweater, A looong skirt, A pair of Mary Janes, 2 Socks and a white dickey and 2 hair ribbons and last, but not least, bloomers.
The Sweater is really cute. It is blue with a red/green pattern in the middle.
The Skirt is dark blue and it is really long (not down to her feet, though).
The dickey is white and it has a blue touch to it.
The hair ribbons are red and soft.
The Socks are white and I call them "Schoolgirl socks"
The Mary Janes are black and they have a tiny black ball design in the end.
The bloomers are just white.

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