Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alder wood mall Part 1

Here are the pictures form AG P Seattle and other shops in the mall! This is part 1 because I took a lot of pictures!
Warning: A lot of these are and quality!

Julie's display is the first thing you see when you walk in.
Here is the other half of Julie's display.
One of Josefina's displays!
The other half of one of Josefina's displays.
Pretty Caroline and Cute InkPot!
Julie's main display!
Julie's pajamas and Kit's pajamas!
Molly's polka dot outfit!
Emily in her box!
Molly's Holiday Outfit!
Boxes :)
Peek of Molly's Tap Outfit :)
Peek of Molly's schoolbag set :)
More boxes :)
Caroline's nightgown and bed :)
Some of Marie-Grace and Cecile's Display :)
More of Molly's Display!
Caroline's Table thing!
Kit's main display I am so sorry about the bad quality! I took all the pictures with my IPod!
Molls and Emily

One of Saige's displays!

Another Saige Display!
RAndom photo
A Bitty Twins Display.
Some store exclusives
Some other store exclusives
It's Heather!

Some AG accessories
Uhhh... (I don't know that woman)
Love this outfit
There it is again
I think this doll is retired....
Some dolls
Sporty Dolls
I love this outfit!
Musical Dollies!!
#59 is in the tub...
With the IPod!

More of that
Dreamy Daybed!!!
The tissue is fabric

Part 2 coming soon.
Love, Hannah

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