Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Giveaways that I won!!!

Hi!!! Recently, I won 4 giveaways! The only thing I didn't receive yet was the dress from My Doll Crafts and More because that was Very recent. I have some pictures from AGP Seattle coming up soon!  Anyways, here are the pics of the stuff I won!

2 sets of Fairy wings and hats from Furrowed Stitches! Thanks - Misty!!!

A paper doll and few outfits I didn't get to picture! Thanks - Jan!!!
A sparkly pencil... Scroll down to find out more....
With a Dress!!! Thanks - Amaya, MandySewSweet!!!
A picture of the pencil
A close up of the eraser and silver thingy.
All the things I won!!!
Thanks to Jan, Misty, Amaya and mandySewSweet for making this happen!!!! Thanks sooo much!!!
The Furrowed stitches business card!
The MandySewSweet Business card!
Letter from Misty!!!
Letter from Amaya!!!

So, stay tuned for Part 1 on Alderwood Mall ( AG photos and what I bought from Sears and Target).
Love, Hannah

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