Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back to School Duct Tape Crafts

Here is the first craft!
A doll wallet so she can bring money for school lunch! 

Here it is!

You will need Duct tape and Scissors!

Cut a piece of duct tape 4 Times bigger than you want your doll wallet to be.

Stack one more piece of tape the same size as it is and fold. This is the result. Sorry about the blurry picture!

Take a fourth of it and fold. Then fold the other side.

Tape it together and tape the bottom closed.

Now your doll has a place for cash!

Create smaller versions to make pockets.

Fold the smaller versions in half.

Tape the bottom closed.

Tape it inside and you are basically finished!
That is when you can make more pockets and decorate! 

I made three of them!

I will keep two of them and then give one away to Jan with the doll sandals!

Love, Hannah


  1. That is SO cool! You should do a giveaway for one.

    1. Thanks!!! I am not sure if I will do a giveaway for one because you can easily make it, but I might.
      However about giveaways, we have 2 lined up!!!
      One is around October and the other one is maybe in September.
      However, we don't think we'll have giveaways in August. Our first one just ended a few days ago. :)



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