Saturday, August 3, 2013

Internet! Bloggers and Quitters!

So, it turns out there is internet here!!!

Onto my news,
I constantly feel like I am a failure.

I feel like I wanna quit my blog.

I feel like the posts I do are not good enough for you. 
My dolls have been un touched for a few days (Well, DUH because I am so busy!!!!)

So, see you soon,


  1. HANNAH! Don't you dare quit you're blog! You would let down so many people by quitting! Please don't Hannah! Just post more unique posts! You'll think of something!!! We need you!

  2. Yeah! Don't you DARE! You're posts are AWESOME! :)

  3. Seriously, I agree with the others. I really enjoy your posts; the quick ones and the longer ones.
    Please stay. Remember, write for yourself first. If you like it, we will too.


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