Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Caption that doll picture!

What do you think Molly and Heather are saying? Comment! 


  1. Heather~ Molly, what do you think I should write for my school report?
    Molly~ zzzzzz...
    Heather~ Molly?
    Molly~ Huh?!
    Heather~ All wiped out from shopping, huh?
    Molly~ Uh-huh.
    Heather~ Thats it! I'll write about shopping and the fun of it!
    Molly~ zzzzzz...

    "Heather turns her "report on nature" it the next day at school"

    Heather's Teacher~ Heather, you wrote about shopping?
    Heather~ Well, it's natural!


  2. Molly- And then it started chasing me.
    Heather- uh-huh
    Molly- Then the meatball ate me.
    Heather- OK
    Molly- And now I am afraid to eat meatballs.
    Heather- Hmm...
    Molly- Do you have a solution?
    Heather- Hmm....
    Molly- HEATHER!!
    Heather- What?
    Molly- Do you have a solution for my meatball nightmare?
    Heather- What? Why would I have a solution?
    Molly- I thought you were taking notes so you can help me over come my fear.
    Heather- Of what?
    Molly- MEATBALLS!!!!
    Heather- I was taking a quiz on how good of a listener you are.
    Molly- Um...
    Heather- On a scale of 1 through 10 how did you think I did?
    Molly- (SREAMS!!!)
    Heather- I am Going to take that as an eight.



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