Thursday, August 8, 2013

Messy Hair!!!!!!!

I left the doll hair brush at my aunts house and I have to wait until the 11th to get it back! How so I brush my dolls hair?????


  1. I found something that could help you on Doll Diaries.
    "One thing I highly recommend is to not brush their hair. I know that sounds weird, but really, all you need is to finger-comb through their hair. And, mist their hair with water while doing that. If your doll’s hair is curly, finger curl their hair every few days, or depending on how much you play with them. I finger curl Carrie and Rebecca’s hair three times a week, only because I tend to move them around a lot.
    I found out the hard way (with Kanani) that their hair starts to dry and get split ends, whether or not you use the AG brush or a regular one… It’s better to use your fingers in my experience. ^_^"
    Another commenter said the same thing...finger comb with a tiny mist of water.

  2. I don't actually have an AG brush, so I just finger-comb all of the time!


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