Friday, August 9, 2013

My entry for Onedolloutthere/The Doll Crafters contest

Here is my entry! Sorry about not posting the button thingy, I'll post that later!

My alarm clock rang!
It rang so hard, I fell out of my small doll bed and into Coconut's pet bed! "Eww! Dog hair everywhere!" Luckily, Coconut wasn't in bed! I looked around. Luckily, Hannah wasn't there! She was at the hospital? Or was it school? Oh, who cared! She was just gone. I quickly glanced into my mirror and decided to change. I was still in my pajamas! And they were covered in dog hair!!! I walked to the clothing bin where Hannah puts all our clothes. There, I picked a purple doll dress that Hannah won at Fun with AGFan and I decided to pull of a look that I never tried before! I picked brown boots to go with it! Then, I looked inside the other doll rooms. Nobody else was up, yet. I decided to go jump out of the dollhouse and onto the floor of Hannah's bedroom. Bam! I hit her wooden desk! That hurt a lot!!!! I basically dragged myself up her chair and on top of her desk. From there, I could see the whole room! It was amazing!!! From there, I took all my strength and jumped all the way to Hannah's bed! It was so cool! I jumped and jumped! Then, I heard a woof! "Coconut?" He was here, too? Wait, how did he get up here? I walked all the way to him and petted him. I picked him up and jumped off the bed! We almost fell. I brought him inside the doll house and quickly made my way to the door to Hannah's bathroom.  It was pink heaven! There were pink zebra patterns, pink Eiffel towers and pink polka dots! " Woah!!" I accidentally bumped into something hard. It was the toilet! I climbed up... And almost fell into it! I was so scared! I jumped out of it, on the floor and in less than 10 minutes, made it to the dollhouse! I pushed a human chair that had wheels near the dollhouse, climbed up on the chair and went to my room. Hopefully, Hannah wouldn't see the chair. I dressed back into my pajamas, put the dress back in the bin and went back to bed. I checked back to see if Coconut was in bed, too, and he was! I was so tired that I fell asleep quickly!

That's the story! I hope you like it

Love, Hannah

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