Saturday, November 9, 2013

News Diary

Good day! 
News Diary is a new post series where I'll be telling you about some New stuff going on at AG. To find where I got the new stuff in this post, go to the links at the end of it. 

GOTY 2014 Info

Pictures have obviously been leaked already and I will not be showing the pictures of the doll on here, since I see it on a lot of other websites and am getting pretty tired of the same pictures.
Her name is Isabelle and she will be played by Erin Pitt. Search Erin Pitt up for more info about her and what she looks like. Her book titles and descriptions have also been leaked. The title of the first book is Isabelle, the second book is Designs by Isabelle and the third book is To the Stars, Isabelle. 
Here are the descriptions.

Book 1: Isabelle
Book 2: Designs by Isabelle
Book 3: To the Stars, Isabelle
It also appears that Isabelle will be coming from Washington, DC. 
Truly Me line (Summer 2014)

On the Summer of 2014, the MAG dolls will be renovated into The Truly Me dolls. They are calling the extras (posters, accessories, etc), Be Forever. We are still not sure if they are dropping InnerStar U.
Bitty Twin Renovation (Spring-Fall 2014)

It appears that, like the Bitty Babies, the Bitty Twins will be relaunched.
Here is the new logo.
Is Samantha coming back????

Well, the info is pointing to it. In 2011, an American Girl official said that Samantha and Nellie would be back before the company's 30th Anniversary. Of course, a lot of us are still suspecting a 50s doll to be there, so maybe after they brig back Samantha, the 50s doll might be released, but no evidence has been found. 

• And a little bit more news

It turns out that Saige is backordered! Get her soon!

Here are the links of the places where I found all of this information.
I hope you like this new Post Series :)

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  1. That's cool. I hope Samantha comes back because I want her!


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