Friday, November 8, 2013

Pictures from the Past

 Well, I recently got the chance to browse some pictures that I took and never go the chance to post. Here they are!

This was a part of a hairstyle post that I made and forgot to post, LOL!
Same with this picture ;D
I originally decided to post this here.... But ended up posting it somewhere else, I forgot, I think it was on Instagram. 
This was a blurry picture of a Photoshoot I took on Instagram during my recent giveaway :D
This was supposed to be for a Photostory... But posted it on Instagram instead.
This was for a Photoshoot that I also forgot to post LOL!

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  1. Very interesting.
    I really like the green skirt in the last picture.

    1. Thank you :) the skirt is made by an Etsy shop called Mena Bella. I did a review on it during August!


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