Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Christmas Superland: A Christmas Tree

Hi dollies!
Today is the start of our Christmas Post series!
Molly was watching Jessie (Disney Channel) on TV.
Heather ran into the room. "Molly! Our human wants to show you something!" Heather yelled. 
Molly jumped off her seat.
"What is it?" Molly asked. "Just follow me!" Heather answered.
Molly and Heather walked for a bit until...
They reached a sled.
"Let's get in," Heather said.
They got into the sled and went their way.
The sled stopped like it wanted them to get out.
They got out of their sled and realized where they were.
In front of them was the Christmas tree with a bunch of neatly wrapped gifts under it!

Want to find out what was in some of those gifts?

Let's just say, to be continued......


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