Monday, June 23, 2014

SUMMER FUN!!!!! (Photostory)

Hello friends! 
I got out of school today! It was only two hours long :D because it was a make up day. 
Well, I have another one of my special photo stories for u! 
Heather and Molly just got out of school so Heather watched some TV. 
Then Madelyn approached with Meatloaf.
"Hey Heather! Wanna go outside and play?" Madelyn asked. "Sure!" Heather replied. 

"So what do you wanna do first?" Heather asked. "Let's swing!" Madelyn shouted.
"Wee! This is so much fun!" Madelyn said. 
Next, they decided to go lie around in the grass with the sun on top of them.
Then, they had Meatloaf join in for a little but of fun! 
"Whew, that was hot and fun!" Heather said. "Yep, I say we call it a day." Madelyn said. "Okay! Hey, you know what? We should have a picnic sometime!" "Okay. Let's make plans later. Meanwhile, I'm pretty thirsty." 
What's your favorite summer activity? 


  1. Cute photo-story.....Heather is beautiful!

    My favorite summer activity would have to be swimming :)


  2. Your pictures are amazing and I love your blog! I nominated you for the Daisy Chain award at my blog, I'd love it if you stopped by! :-)

    ~Mama Hen

    1. Thank u sooo much!!!😘😘😘 I'll be sure to check out ur blog! Ü


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