Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sun Rays: Mini Posts

How is everyone doing?
Well, I'm doing amazing. 
I'm so excited to go to AGP Seattle for the Isabelle Movie Premiere two days from now (which is Friday)!!!!! If anyone will be going there, tell me, and we could maybe meet up! 
I've also been doing a lot of chores to earn money for AG stuff. My dad and I have this weird process to earning money for chores. I do the chores and then on the day I want to spend what I earned, my dad just let's me buy things I want. We don't keep track of the money I earn, we just spend it. Weird, right? Lol.
Oh and "Mini Posts" is just mini posts basically. Hence the name. 
I get Sun rays on the photos I take a lot. So, I thought, why not name this Photoshoot "Sun rays"? 
More Sun rays. 

Idk ❤️
Sun rays.
My favorite. 

So that was a mini Photoshoot. It felt too hot to have a doll outside for long. 


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  1. Very pretty! Are you planning to get a new doll???????


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