Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Garden inspired Photoshoot

Yeah, idk what else to call it (Lolololol)
What's up my dollfriends? 
The sky, that's what! 
Sorry. I have no idea what I am typing (xD) 
Anyway, I took some photos with my IPod Touch and here they are::::
The flowers tho ❤️
Artsy Flowersss 
Random Pretty Flowers. And Maddy (Madelyn's Nickname). 
Side view (idk why, okay? I just took this photo) 
Different flowers. I dislike this photo tho. 
Whacha lookin at?
I love this photo :D
Q T!!

That's it for this Photoshoot. More l8er!
Luv ya,
Hannah ❤️

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