Monday, August 4, 2014

Review + Photoshoot + Interview of a Super Summery Dress + Hat!

Hiii, lovelies!
It's Hannah here with a review from a new sponsor, Mary from Mtbc1931.
Mary was super nice and reminded me 
about the cable you can use to transport your 
camera pictures into your laptop.
For this review, she sent us a cute doll dress with an adorable matching hat.
This is what the dress looks like on Madelyn (Molly).
Doesn't the outfit look good on her?
I have also provided a photoshoot here (taken with my good ol' camera!)

 Cuteeeee <3
 That bokeh, though. :)
 It looks like she is looking for someone.
 Or is she just lost?
Full View.
Reminds me of a Felicity pose.
 Another Felicity pose.
Summertime Sadnesssss
 Cool photo
Review Time!
(Please note that some photos may have
already been seen in the photoshoot.)
 This dress is so cute and would look great on all AG dolls.
The fabric is yellow with daisy prints all over it and
a stiff, yet comfy, feel to it.
The dress has sleeves a bit longer than
usual short sleeves that tops from AG have.
It also has a well done, gathered waist.
The skirt of the dress is very flowy which gives it a very
summery vibe.
Here is a picture of the dress with the hat.
The matching hat is also made from the same fabric as the dress.
I believe it is an amazing accessory to the dress and adds to
the summer vibe.
I think the hat really completes the outfit.

Overall, I give this outfit a 5/5. The dress and the hat were well made
and I think that hat was a great addition to the dress.
The fabric is lovely and I love how the dress is perfect summer.
This would be a great addition to your doll wardrobe collection
and I recommend it from Mary's shop!
Please note that all opinions and photos are mine
and that this was not scripted.
Interview Time!

Here are the five questions I asked and of course,
the answers.

Q: 1. Since when have you started sewing for dolls?
A: I started sewing for dolls in 2003. 
Q: 2. Is there someone you make doll clothes for besides your customers and yourself? 
A: I do have a young lady that is a hello kitty fan and her mom has me make the bedding for her doll bed in whatever new print comes out, I also have a neighbor that I have made clothes for her doll but most of what I make I sell on etsy or at craft shows.
Q: 3. How many and which AG dolls do you have?
A: I purchased one American Girl Doll and one Bitty Baby to make sure the clothes fit and I do make them a little bigger than my dolls were when they were first made. The bodies were hand stuffed so no two were the same and some bodies were a little bigger than others due to being hand stuffed. 
Q: 4. How long does it usually take for you to make your items? 
A: Some items take more time than other but I usually make 4 of each so it usually takes 1 to 2 days to make them, I cut out all the pieces for all four dresses, tops or pants then I sew them all so all four are done at the same time. 
Q: 5. How long has it been until you started your etsy shop?
A: I opened my etsy store October 2009 and I still do craft shows.
Thank you Mary for sending us this fabulous outfit to review!
Stay tuned next week for another review ^_^

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The Doll used in this review was Molly McIntire from American Girl.
The outfit being reviewed was made by Mary from Mtbc1931.


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